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By Janet Vargas - Natural Health Researcher

So don't be frightened of germs because there are Good Germs as well, kids are missing out on that benefit their Immune System. It’s much Safer than text books say – just one of many practices grandparents and their grandparents encouraged, and their kids were healthier than children Today. No they weren’t mistaken – less educated but not silly. We have been, to take so much notice of information we have been brought up with medical influence.

Encourage Your Kids To Get Their Hands Muddy Or Sandy - Its Good For Them!

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Please read the other Post I am writing parallel to this one HERE about REAL FOODS. You will want to "Side with Nature" when you read the following. I am committed to Caring about the "Health & Happiness" of Australians and think you have the right to know these things. If you are an advocate for Low-Fat Diets and Polyunsaturated Oils, hopefully you will think again after reading about the benefits of NUTRITIOUS OILS that offer much more than Cheap Veggie Oil and Canola Manufacturers claim to give you.…

By Janet Vargas - Inspirational Writer and Owner of this Website

Have you ever felt confused (emotionally) about happiness? Why don’t you experience it more often? How come it plays ‘hide n seek’ with you? Why does it seem so far away when you most need some?

I would like to express some thoughts with you about HAPPINESS – WHOLENESS and BALANCE. Seems everyone is after Happiness almost to the expense of experiencing  other emotions and being OK with them.  It kind of throws things out of balance and makes you feel off pretty quickly when you experience other emotions – the unpleasant ones tend to stay around longer (you get stuck) and you find it difficult to shift Modes.…

By Janet Vargas – Independent Natural Health Researcher

Are you somewhat Confused by Manufacturer's Health Claims?

Some say this and others say that?

They so often come up with some pretty convincing arguments on why you should buy their's this, it's that..... and believe me that most of the time it is just a more sophisticated version of the same old fashioned claim "there's no product like ours!" with a lot of health jargon as to why....and sometimes scientific.

The Truth is that "Different things work for different people because we all have an individual bio-chemistry and results vary from person to person."…

By Janet Vargas – Independent Natural Health Researcher

It may be news to you that Soya Beans are not meant to be ingested. This has been known by many health professionals and researches for some years now yet it keeps masquerading as a health food and holds it's place in the market - the food shelves are inundated with it. It may also surprise you to know that the one who promoted soya beans to the world, Earl Mindell, has been discovered not to be a Nutritionist after-all. His claims have been found to be fraudulent.…

By Janet Vargas – Independent Natural Health Researcher

Cholesterol is Good for your Heart. Yes that's right, your Heart needs Cholesterol. The tide is changing on the Heart Health Scene, at least for those who are better informed and I'm here to let you know.

You may be pleased to hear that some leading Heart Specialists and Surgeons and MDs have been practicing a totally different approach to things than the Cholesterol Scare Campaign we have been accustomed to for a few decades now. Did you know the average GP/MD is mistaken and 'Specialists' too?

By Janet Vargas – Independent Natural Health Researcher

Here in this article, I would like to show you that Sugar is anything but Natural.

Some say "stay with sugar, you know what it is" and it's true that we need to keep away from the perils of Aspartame, Sucralose and other Synthetic Sweeteners that have bitter consequences to our health.

I intend to show you it is not good to keep ingesting Sugar because Sugar-Sweet can become Sour when it comes to our health. The Sugar Habit can be overpowering I know, as someone who got acutely anaemic at the age of 30 - never liked sugar much before and got addicted to Peppermint TicTacs, finding them refreshing I lost my appetite for food most of the time.