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Bringing You Some Good Pages And Posts To Protect And Equip You With Necessary INFO To Apply For Your Health And Happiness.

This Is Janet Vargas, Inviting You To Make Choices And Select What You Will. Also, I Trust That You Will Venture More Than Usual As You Browse Through This Website And Grow Your Health Knowledge Into Something That Will Really Benefit You And Your Loved Ones.

This Is My 35th Year In Natural Health Research (Part-Time Independent) And My Motivation Has Always Been To Help Others. There Was So Much Lack Of Information Out There When I Commenced Research, Now There Is So Much Misinformation. A Little Guidance Becomes Necessary Without Invested Interests. Sometimes You Need Someone To Help You Recognise Marketing Ploys Which Are On The Rise And Have Been Responsible For Various Health Conditions People Have Experienced Over The Last Few Decades. The Public Need Answers Which Have Not Been Given Them.

I Strongly Favor Natural Health Over Medical Which So Often Hinders People More Than Helping Them - As Big Pharma's Closest Ally, It Is Basically A Sickness Industry. Most Times, They Are After Permanent Customers, Dependent On Repeat Prescriptions. Due To Their Chemical Content, They Clash With Our Natural Body-Chemistry. That's Why There Are So Many Side Effects, And People Never Seem To Get Well On Those Medications Because Our Body Is Protesting Against Them (so to speak). It's Calling Out For Real Foods Containing Beneficial Nutrients, And Natural Remedies.

Better To Make A Wise Choice Of Supplements - They Have Side Benefits Instead. Avoid Chemist Brands (They Contain Synthetic Vitamins Etc which are actually not good for you)

YES, Our Body And Brain Favors Natural Over Medical, And Chemical Laden Modern Foods. Do Please Learn As Much As You Can - When Put Into Practice, You Will Be Glad You Did.

When You Experience Better Health, You Become A Happier Person. I Know After Experiencing Two Medical Induced Disorders Many Years Ago That Good Health Equals Happiness - It Really Does.


My Website OURS AUSTRALIA Has Several Health Posts In Addition To Interesting Posts And Some Nature Fun Posts. You Are Welcome To Visit There By Clicking HERE People Like The Health Posts There. I Have Some Interesting Discoveries I'd Like To Cover Over The Next Few Months. Some Interesting Content I'd Like To Share From different Authors (With Acknowledgements). So Bookmark This Website And Visit Me Soon, Hey?

Have A Great Day!

Please Read: Research is meant to inform you not to treat you. Independent research should show the way in a world of choices and different voices. A genuine Researcher or Scientist is not bought to give false and misleading information for companies with invested interests and will do their best to alert you of such. Most governments favor the Medical profession over the Natural Health profession because they get far more revenue from the Medical Drug Industry that strongly influences them. Therefore we are obliged by law to tell you to “consult a Health Care Adviser” that is your choice.

Please be informed that most medications have a co-dependency factor built into them. Most of them are toxic and Medical Induced Conditions are on the increase. In most cases, a Natural Health adviser will serve your health better – they also practice preventative measures the Medical profession does not. It is important to realize different remedies work for different people and results vary with the individual. The advice on this website is not intended to treat or diagnose, but to give you knowledgeable guidelines whereby you can find your way to better health. All the best to you! ©