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By Dr Will Cole – Functional Medicine Expert/Tele-Consultant

When I say the words blue light, your first thought probably jumps to sleep. We’ve all heard it a thousand times before: Avoid blue light 2 hours before bed! Put on those blue-light blocking glasses! Or else! 

But the truth is, blue light is more than just a sleep sabotager — it can also harm other aspects of your health. Keep reading for the full picture on blue light.

What You Really Need to Know About Blue Light 

Blue light is a type of visible light rays that’s emitted by the sun.…

By Maureen Salamon from WebMd.Com 2020

Have you ever woken up to bright morning skies feeling energized? A big reason for your mood is the high-intensity blue light coming from the sun. Among the visible light spectrum, blue wavelengths have the most powerful effect on your sleep-wake internal body clock.

Both natural and artificial blue light can boost your alertness and mental sharpness. But too much of it may keep you awake when your body needs to wind down.


Need help waking up in the morning? Open the blind or get outside to feel more alert.…