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Unhealthy Oils And Spreads: Don’t Be Duped – Learn The Real Facts And Pass Them On!

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Please read the other Post I am writing parallel to this one HERE about REAL FOODS. You will want to "Side with Nature" when you read the following. I am committed to Caring about the "Health & Happiness" of Australians and think you have the right to know these things. If you are an advocate for Low-Fat Diets and Polyunsaturated Oils, hopefully you will think again after reading about the benefits of NUTRITIOUS OILS that offer much more than Cheap Veggie Oil and Canola Manufacturers claim to give you.

The claims are found to be false and misleading. They promise to “save you from cholesterol” and overweight……… the Oils high in Mono-unsaturates like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil and Avocado Oil are the ones that help to keep our LDL Cholesterol Level Low, not the Polyunsaturates. And people put on weight with them anyway but no-one thinks about that. Modern Day Charlatans are many in the Food Industry - highly skilled in crafting lies to get your confidence - they have no conscience, so we really do need to be careful.

Veggie Oils contain too much Omega 6 that places undue stress on your system and because of the Toxic process those Oils go through at extreme high temperatures (that damage them) the bleach and the coloring.........they alter our Metabolism causing us to put on more weight they say will stay off (if we buy their story).

They also compromise our heart health through the presence of Homocysteine which is a better indicator than Cholesterol in heart disease according to a Medico who was a pioneer in that field of Medicine some years ago – he was ridiculed for his insight then found to be right by others later. In the main, the Medical Cholesterol approach remained in practice, being far more profitable - it's disturbing I know - but more Heart Specialists are now addressing Homocysteine levels who put their patients welfare before their pocket.

Canola Manufacturers make false claims too, that it has a balance of Omega 3 with Omega 6 and would not be such a problem – commonly referred to as “the healthy oil” used in Barnacle Bills and different outlets. In reality, nothing could be further than the truth because those crops are heavily sprayed with toxic Roundup and the oil itself goes through the same toxic conditions as the cheap nasty Veggie Oils. You would do far better by cutting out excessive food sources of Omega 6 (namely those unhealthy oils) in your meals and takeaways and including a quality Omega 3 supplement each day, most people need these days.

Oh by the way, I just thought of a few things to share with you. In 2010 I was sitting in a waiting room somewhere locally, having a pleasant conversation with the person beside me, talking about our Nans years ago........the things they liked and did in their kitchens, kind of nostalgic you know? When I said "and they used real butter" the conversation changed direction. He exclaimed "I don't have margarine in my house, there's none of that stuff, I won't buy it. I'm a retired trucky from a company who used to make it. People have no idea how that stuff is made!"

And he went on to tell me he had to deliver huge amounts of bleach and colouring to them. He witnessed how they used to heat the oil to an alarming degrees, then bleach it to disguise the colour, then after that "they put 250 gallons of orange colouring in to a big batch to make it the acceptable yellow the customers see when they buy it. You won't catch me using that ever!" On different days, he saw the different stages of manufacture.

Following that, I commented to him "I do research and have read about this, how the oil goes black and then bleached and coloured. I say to people how they keep this from the public and that's what you are ingesting if you buy it"......... "oh yes!" he replied. Then he pointed to the carpet where we were sitting and he exclaimed "that's the colour, a definite charcoal - it looks just like that!"

I thanked him for the nice nostalgic conversation and the first hand story I was sure to let people know, as he made his way into his appointment, thankful I went there that day.

A pretty strange day and age we're living in when unscrupulous Manufacturers are not arrested for such practices and having them banned, hey? Yet this was decades ago since the "Polyunsatuated Oils and Margarine" began.

There's no difference between the Oils you buy in the cheap plastic bottles and the Margarine in the tubs you buy folks, just one more toxic phase in the process of manufacture to solidify the oil. I shudder when I see people walking out of the supermarkets from their family shopping with those products in their trolleys, accompanied by their children.

Unbelievable isn't it, to think such things go on? And I suppose one more reprehensible thing you get to hear about Manufacturers who make 'healthy foods' to slim that waistline etc Can't believe people trust those products when they're so unnatural really. My mum bought the Meadow Lea and Flora for a short time when I was young and went back to butter in the paper wrapper.

It's much safer, it's made by churning milk curds into butter, then set in big slabs, then cut and wrapped - no plastics involved. I mean to say, you can't get more natural than that, can you? That's because this is what our grandparents/greats used to bake with and serve. I have a saying about margarines and adulterated butters (mixed with Veggie Oils for our convenience) "Soft on your bread or hard on your health?"

I found this article on the Net today that explains things very well for you what I know to be true - not ploys, many of you have been led to believe.

What We Don’t Know About Vegetable Oils Can Ruin Our Health!


All fats are not created equal, and what we don’t know can hurt us. The difference between consuming good fats that the human body can utilize properly and highly refined and processed vegetable fats is shocking. Eating processed oils is linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke, inflammation, obesity, and other lifestyle diseases that rob us of our good health.

Here’s why vegetable oils are not suitable for human consumption and have no place in our diet. Highly processed vegetable oils take ingredients, that in their original form, might not be dangerous, process the heck out of them, and turn them into a product that is health damaging. Vegetable oils are not only bad for us; they are bad for the planet.

Processed Vegetable Oils

In the early 1900s, corn became king when profitable corn oil and high fructose corn syrup became cheap alternatives to butter and sugar. Crisco was a stroke of marketing genius positioning hydrogenated cottonseed oil as a healthy alternative to lard and butter. In reality, grassfed lard and butter are not the problem; processed vegetable oils are. We can track the rise of many lifestyle diseases to the use of processed vegetable oils that replaced butter and grassfed lard.

What are vegetable oils?

Vegetable oils, unlike traditional fats (lard, olive oil, butter, etc.) are a new addition to the human diet. Vegetable oils are oils extracted from the seeds of various plants: corn, sunflower, canola, soybean, safflower, cottonseed and more. An extensive chemical process is used to extract these vegetable oils from non-oily seeds, unlike the pressing and processing used with traditional oils and fats. Humans were never meant to consume these processed plant oils.

Don’t Eat Processed Vegetable Oils/Bad Fats

All that processing damages the molecules in the fats and uses chemicals to make these unnatural fats palate-pleasing. Many of the oils are made from GMO genetically modified plants and grown with large amounts of chemicals and pesticides. Processing utilizes petroleum solvents, high heat (dangerously oxidizing the fat molecules), bleach, deodorizers, and chemicals to improve color. Processed vegetable oils are not a natural food and have no place in our diet.

Do Eat Traditional Oils and Fats/Good Fats

Expeller-pressed coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, butter from grass-fed cows, and avocado oil are all healthier choices. Remember to avoid high heat cooking and frying that can dangerously oxidize fat molecules. It is always a good idea to include healthy, beneficial fats in our diet by eating avocados, nuts and seeds, wild-caught fish, and in smaller amounts, organic grassfed meat, free-range eggs, and dairy.

Our body and brain depends on the right fats to function and keep us healthy. Swapping out processed vegetable oils for traditional oils and fats is easy.


I Have A Few More Things To Say About LowFat Diets - Are They Really Good For Our Heart? No They Are Not! Find Out Why.

Did you know that our Brain is partly made of Fat and it relies on Cholesterol to create Cells that carry Messages to the rest of our body. Our Heart also needs (good) Cholesterol to protect it?

So much for the medical argument about "the dangers of cholesterol" and their Statin Drugs that drastically cut back GOOD and Bad cholesterol. Things can get scarier when our brain isn't functioning well or our heart enters the very danger zone the Medicos say they will protect us from.

Have you heard this said before, that our body needs a certain amount of Fat to manage our weight? They're sometimes referred to as "Fat fighting Fats"..... there's so much we can learn hey?

Things get interesting when we Side with Nature instead of against it. Nature is a Good Friend to our Body and it's founded on Balance - not extremes - by a wise Creator. It's when we attempt to change that Pattern that things go wrong (not always visible straight away but over time). So much for greedy Manufacturer's health advice, and sometimes Medico's.

Have you noticed Cranky mothers and kids in shopping centres sometimes? This is often due to No-Fat and Low-Fat diets that most surely can make us cranky because our Nerve Cells are starving, so to speak. Our spinal column also has Nerve Cells that need the Good Cholesterol, we ignorantly seek to protect ourselves from if we are not careful. Please practice due care to use a moderate amount of Healthy Fats you will find in the REAL FOODS article rather than poor quality fats or overdoing it.

Disclaimer: if you have a serious health condition, please be guided by an experienced Health Professional. That can be a Natural Health Professional who specialises in Functional Foods or Integrated Medicine. All the best to you!

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