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Avoiding Confusion With Different Claims And Astonishing Claims

By Janet Vargas – Independent Natural Health Researcher

Are you somewhat Confused by Manufacturer's Health Claims?

Some say this and others say that?

They so often come up with some pretty convincing arguments on why you should buy their's this, it's that..... and believe me that most of the time it is just a more sophisticated version of the same old fashioned claim "there's no product like ours!" with a lot of health jargon as to why....and sometimes scientific.

The Truth is that "Different things work for different people because we all have an individual bio-chemistry and results vary from person to person."

Often there is some truth in both arguments and you can discover which one is right for you. If you are experiencing information overload, then let your questions rest a while so the confusion subsides and you can think clearly. I do encourage informed decisions, yes but no-one wants to be congested with too much input......especially conflicting.

Mind you, there are what I call a new breed of 'Charlatans' in the Health Industry TODAY who make some pretty incredible outrageous claims about certain products. Quite often, it is not that their product doesn't work.......but that their claims are exaggerated because not everyone gets the astounding results some of their testimonies show/speak of.

Yes, those testimonies are often genuine, from men and women whose chemistry responded well to a remedy or supplement.....and sometimes met certain conditions that worked favorably with what they tried. But the manufacturer claims quite convincingly and sometimes skillfully, that their product will do 'the same for you' and their product is really "WOW that much!" you say...... "how can I afford this?" That's when you need to back off and say "REALLY!"

Lay your questions down and aim for Peace

in your decision making with Remedies & Supplements.

There are genuine products out there that can yield very pleasing and sometimes astonishing results because of New Discoveries that are being made by Natural Health Scientists and I'm all for that kind of thing.

I'm just not in favor of those who are out to Power Speech you into impulsive reflex buys without reflection and such.

Sometimes it is good to research something, to sift through the floss and the hype.

Sometimes there is a Natural Health professional you can ask about it.

Whatever you do, take a little time to think clearly......that is the one thing some unscrupulous companies don't bargain for in their efforts to persuade you!

Maybe sleep on it or go for a walk.


There's something right for everyone.

And sometimes it may take a few approaches

but it's worth it when you find what works for YOU.

NOTE: Natural Health Remedies and Supplements

do not work instantly like Medical Drugs sometimes do

but they are far safer and work gradually.

Take them regularly as directed on the packet


that you need to take them for 3-4 weeks to start

experiencing results. Sometimes this is sooner. It depends

on how your chemistry responds.

I Wish You Well In Your Journey To Good Health!