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By Elson M. Haas MD – A Pioneer In Integrative Medicine

The former Soviet Union has been the most enthusiastic about pangamic acid, feeling that it is a very important nutrient with physiological actions that can treat a multitude of symptoms and diseases. Soviet scientists had shown that pangamic acid supplementation can reduce the buildup of lactic acid in athletes and thereby lessen muscle fatigue and increase endurance. It had been used regularly and commonly in the Soviet Union for many problems, including alcoholism and drug addiction; mental problems such as those of aging and senility, minimal brain damage in children, autism, and schizophrenia; heart disease and high blood pressure; diabetes; skin diseases; liver disease; and chemical poisonings.…

By Dr. Glenn Rothfeld – Integrative Medicine Practitioner (40Yrs)

Stop dealing with that leaky bladder (Try THIS vitamin!) 

If you’re dealing with those embarrassing “leaks” after you laugh or sneeze, or just plain out of the blue… you’re NOT alone. 

More than 43 percent of people over the age of 65 have incontinence.  

Yet lots of my patients STILL have a tough time talking to me about their bladder problems.  

But this isn’t just happening at my office…  

A report done in 2018 by the National Poll on Healthy Aging found that two-thirds of patients hadn’t spoken to their doctor about incontinence because it’s “embarrassing.”  

But you don’t have to put up with it any longer.  …

By Dr John Briffa MD – Integrated Medicine Advocate

It seems that not a week goes by without scientists identifying some gene or other that is believed to play a critical role in our susceptibility to a specific illness or condition. Recently, for instance, researchers in Italy announced that they had found a gene that is involved in the normal production of serotonin – a brain chemical that helps maintain a cheery dispositionIt is believed that individuals afflicted with some fault in this gene will make them prone to undesirable mood states such as anxiety.…

By Dr Al Sears Integrative Medicine Practitioner/Brain Researcher

Nature provides the perfect remedy for everything that might go wrong with the human body. And that includes your aging brain.

The science backs me up on this…

And now, a new study shows that a compound found in strawberries protects your brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m talking about fisetin.

You might not have ever heard of this powerful antioxidant. It is a type of plant pigment that gives color to many fruits and vegetables. But it has been shown to maintain levels of glutathione — your body’s most potent antioxidant that protects brain and nerve cells.…

By Dr Alan Inglis – Integrative Medicine Practitioner & Researcher

The jig is up!

When you complain about your pain… when you say the opioid meds aren’t working the way they used to… they’ll boost the dose and send you away, claiming more meds will lead to less pain.

It doesn’t.

They KNOW it doesn’t.

But they do it anyway, for one simple reason.

It’s FAST!

Many of today’s big corporate clinics are all about speed. Get you in, get you out, get to the next patient fast. HURRY HURRY HURRY!

Seeing MORE patients in LESS time means BIGGER profits.…